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EduTravel was founded on the concept of Experiential Learning. Our learning model has a proven track record for engaging all types of learners and inspiring them to become lifelong learners. With every excursion, we set out to provide Canadian students with a safe, fun and engaging learning experience outside the classroom that enriches the content in only a way travelling can.


Safety is always the number one priority for any excursion. Every trip is carefully researched and planned by travel experts who are very familiar with the local environment, and on-the-road trips are supported by on-call staff 24/7. Rest assured you are in great hands, and will feel at ease every step of the way.
All programs are carefully curated to authentically enrich the learning objectives. Our excursion will open a student’s eyes to the real world applications of the topic and tell an inspiring story that will make a life lasting impression and turn them into lifelong learners/travellers.
Our intention is to break down the four walls of the traditional classroom and bring the curriculum to life in the most exciting way possible. Your students will never forget the adventure of a lifetime making their trip the pinnacle highlight of their school experience, and experience makes our excursions the best trip ever!
Our programs are always infused with lessons that prompt students to ask the most challenging questions that ignite the spark for genuine inquiry-based learning. Social Justice is a guiding principle of EduTravel educators and is integrated into every experience we plan. At EduTravel we genuinely believe that travel prompts the pursuit of truth and justice, and is fatal to bigotry of all kinds.
One of our proudest accomplishments is the way our programs inspire all types of learners and students from all backgrounds. We believe the benefits of the life changing travel experiences provided by EduTravel should be available and accessible to all who wish to participate. Total Inclusiveness and making travel opportunities equitable was a founding principle of EduTravel and will always remain so.


EduTravel is much more than a student tour operator, but also the Canadian leader in Experiential Learning practices. In addition to an enriching immersive learning experience in the destination, students will acquire valuable knowledge and develop critical skills that can only be achieved through hands on experience. Students take responsibility for their own learning as they inquire into the broader world around them, while exercising independence and being challenged to make real world applications to the learning outcomes. No matter the destination, your students will engage in a type of learning that they will never forget.





EduTravel is a wholly Ontario owned and operated tour provider, founded on the concept of experiential learning. Our trips take a comprehensive approach to enriching curriculum content, giving students an opportunity to grow and develop valuable skills.

As a local Canadian organization made up of educators, EduTravel is able to provide boutique-style service when curating your customized excursion.



Don’t think of our excursions as just a field trip. Our learning model breaks away from traditional instruction methods, giving students the opportunity to learn from new, first-hand encounters and make meaningful applications to the real world. Learning in this methodology takes the benefits of Differentiated Instruction to new heights. Our research has proven that the emotional reactions that in-place experiential learning can achieve in a student provide a deeper understanding of a topic resulting in a much more powerful and lasting impact on the learner.


EduTravel has created and sourced countless experiential learning opportunities that meet the curriculum expectations of dozens of Ontario high school courses. Furthermore, our team of educators have created exceptional learning resources and assessments that make up accredited Ministry inspected courses. If you would like to validate the learning experience on your tour by enhancing your excursion with a high school credit for your students, or would like to get involved with our March Break and Summer programs, please contact us at info@edutravel.com to learn how you can enhance your trip as a Travel for Credit program.



EduTravel is committed to its core value of Equity and total inclusiveness. Arrangements are made to create an equitable opportunity for all students to join EduTravel trips, regardless of any additional special care or specifications that may be required. This includes, if required, no additional cost charged to E.A.’s and Special Ed. Assistants, extra hotel rooms to accommodate unique social dynamics and buses with wheelchair accessibility to name a few. We believe enriching excursions should be a rite of passage for all students, and we are willing to do what it takes to provide these opportunities to all who wish to benefit from them.



EduTravel is made up of a team of educators and travel professionals who are experts at bringing curriculum to life. As a small local organization we pride ourselves on working closely with our trip planners to make every moment of the excursion have the maximum impact and providing the highest quality trips at the best value to your community. Every trip is completely customized and tailored to the trip planner’s specifications and learning objectives, and is delivered with the highest quality service and care.


A Tour Director is the person responsible for managing trip logistics such as confirmations, planning, pivoting, and group dynamics. Throughout the trip, your EduTravel Tour Director maintains ongoing communication with the EduTravel Operations team for support. You can also count on EduTravel Tour Directors to provide educational and engaging commentary on history and culture!


You will have at least one Tour Director on EduTravel Curriculum trip.

EduTravel’s Tour Directors are knowledgeable and experienced with destinations and attractions. They accompany the group every step of the way!

At EduTravel, we strongly believe in the role that education (and the stories that we tell) plays in shaping our narratives on both Canada and the rest of the world.

We acknowledge that through experiential learning, we have the power to impact our students and to help mould them into socially responsible members of society.

We are continually learning, evolving and working to ensure that all EduTravel staff reflect the diversity of our student, teacher, and parent communities. As a team of educators, we see great importance and value in equitable hiring practices and we stand with our community in opposing racism and discrimination of any kind.

If you are interested in applying to be a Tour Director, please email jazmin@edutravel.com. Please be sure to include your CV.


We pride ourselves on offering extensive in-class and on-the-road training for all EduTravel Tour Directors. Our training program includes an Emergency First Aid and CPR Training course which is mandatory unless qualifications are up to date.

We also ensure that all Tour Directors provide up-to-date Vulnerable Sector Checks.