SHSM Certificates

Are you looking for fun, engaging, and unique SHSM experiences for you and your students? Do your students need to complete sector-specific SHSM certifications?

Why EduTravel?

What students receive from an EduTravel SHSM Experience depends on their chosen program. EduTravel has experience working with various industry partners to create tailored programming for different sectors. When you choose EduTravel, we help plan your custom SHSM Experience from half-day workshops to full-day experiences.

At EduTravel, we are passionate about providing experiential learning opportunities for students. We are a team made up of creative individuals, past educators, and travel enthusiasts with a passion for experiential education, who understand the importance of engaging students outside of the classroom for real-world experiences and application.

We understand the SHSM components demand additional time, planning, and consideration, and we acknowledge the tremendous workload that teachers already have in their busy schedules. EduTravel is here to help with all of the careful scheduling to these programs as we put together all of the logistics so that you don’t have to!

A full-day experience often, but not always, includes:

Certification (of your choice)

Experiential Learning & Career Exploration

Theory to Practice

Fun excursion with Partner

SHSM Certificates

Each SHSM program requires students to complete at least 3 elective sector-recognized certifications and/or training courses. EduTravel has designed unique interactive and engaging certificate programs that relate to the SHSM program. In many cases, students will complete their certifications in conjunction with one of our partner organizations.

Our certification workshops are generally half-day (3 hours of in-class instructional time), and can be adaptable to fit with your class schedule and travel times. All students will receive a certificate of completion.

SHSM Certificate Workshops:

Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship (ICE)

This workshop is an opportunity for students to explore and apply their creativity, connect with industry partners, and solve real world problems. The goal of ICE training is to help develop sector specific knowledge and skills to solve real world problems and find applicable solutions for the future.

To make this experience unique for your students, we want to hear your ideas! We find a community partner and collaborate with you to tailor a customized, engaging day specifically for your students. Students will have the chance to tour a new place, meet inspiring professionals, and learn about real industry challenges. Not only that, but they learn an entrepreneurial problem-solving approach and try their hand at proposing real solutions!

Students will be led through “The 3 Gears” process (developed by the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto) in ICE training, which helps student teams solve a real-world challenge specific to the organization.

Sample ICE Schedule

Arrive, Welcome, and Introduction to Creativity and the “3 Gears” process

Introduction to Sector Partner and the proposed Challenge

Idea-making, creating guidelines

Lunch (option to have a provided lunch at additional cost)

Making sense of ideas, getting feedback from sector partner, narrowing the focus

Presentations/Pitch; learn an elevator pitch 

Wrap-up, feedback from sector partner


Dinner and evening excursion (at an additional cost)

Some of Our Partners