Want to find out more about EduTravel? How we run our trips? Financial Assistance? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.
Typically the cost of teachers is built into the price of the student ticket.
During the initial planning process of the trip, an EduTravel representative will inquire if teachers want their own rooms or if they are comfortable with sharing with another faculty member.

No. We are more than happy to set up a payment schedule to make the process easier and more convenient for parents.

EduTravel has its own online platform that can be utilized for parents to make payments for their son/daughter’s trip. If teachers prefer to collect funds independently, please let your EduTravel representative know in the initial planning process and we will try to accommodate that request.
We strike a balance between keeping student travel prices affordable while ensuring all accommodations meet high quality standards. Safety and security are of utmost importance.

During the planning phase of the trip, our EduTravel team will do its best to try and have students stay on the same floor of the hotel. This depends of course on the size of the group as well as the availability of the hotel.

Yes. EduTravel can arrange for a private security guard to monitor the halls of the hotel or student residence at night.
Our EduTravel team will go above and beyond to ensure there are food options for students with allergies and/or dietary restrictions. The accommodations and restaurants we work with are used to working with student groups and have measures in place to accommodate students with various dietary restrictions and/or allergies.

On trips that do not require flights, a standard North American Coach Bus is utilized to get groups from point A to point B. A standard North American Coach Bus seats 56 passengers in total.

Typically all accommodations are equipped with wifi which can be utilized by students if teachers/staff permit. Motor coaches are often equipped with wifi, however this could be an additional cost to the overall trip. Please let your EduTravel representative know if you require wifi on the motor coach during the planning stages of your trip.
Breakfasts and dinners on full days of the trip are typically included in the total cost of the trip as per the guidance of the trip planner. Lunches are typically not included, however time is allotted for students and staff to purchase their own lunches in a location with a variety of dietary options. Please let your EduTravel representative know if you would like to include lunches or other meals during the planning stages of your trip.
If the trip destination is in Canada, travel documentation is not necessary.If a group travels outside of Canada, students and staff are required to have a valid passport with an expiration date of at least 6 months from the day the trip returns home.

Ask your EduTravel representative for more information on student bursaries.

Ask your EduTravel representative for more information on fundraising.

All payments made towards EduTravel trips are non-refundable. Families are strongly encouraged to purchase our third-party cancellation insurance in order to cover the cost of the trip in case of unforeseen circumstances. For our full refund policy and insurance coverage document, please inquire with your EduTravel representative.