The EduTravel Advantage

EduTravel is a wholly Ontario owned and operated tour provider, founded on the concept of experiential learning. Our trips take a comprehensive approach to enriching curriculum content, giving students an opportunity to grow and develop valuable skills.

You are protected

The safety and well-being of students and teachers always comes first. EduTravel tours offer comprehensive insurance, optional overnight security, customized safety lanyards, and a 24/7 emergency phone line. Parents and students also have the option to book cancellation insurance that covers strike and work-to rule.

It's easy with us

EduTravel’s team of curriculum professionals and destination experts work together to create a customized itinerary that fulfills your learning objectives. Our Trip Representative will even coordinate an info night to explain all travel logistics, safety precautions, insurance options, and payment plans to parents and students.

A true partnership

Our business is built on positive relationships with our suppliers, local communities, school boards, and the students and teachers we serve. We are proud of our business model and are confident that we provide superior quality customized tours at competitive prices, year after year.

The EduTravel Experience

On every EduTravel trip, students acquire valuable knowledge and skills. Students take responsibility for their own learning as they inquire into the broader world around them, while exercising independence and organizational skills. No matter the destination, your students will engage in a type of learning that they will never forget.

Interactive Learning

Increases the effectiveness of learning

Students take part in engaging and thoughtful discussions on topics relevant to both the destination and curriculum.

Safe Environment

Leads to development of skills for lifelong learning

Students learn to overcome their fears in a safe and engaging environment.

Leadership & Initiative

Increases students' engagement

Students develop leadership and teamwork skills through group-based assignments.

Relatable Learning

Draw connections to learnings

Students build on what they already know and make connections between new concepts and existing ones.

Immersive Environment

Links theory to practice

Students learn about culture and identity by establishing relationships with local communities and participating in their traditions and festivals.


Social and Emotional Development

Students earn a sense of independence while exploring new and exciting destinations with their friends and classmates.