Business Studies

Get connected to the Global Marketplace.

Curriculum Connections

For nearly a decade, EduTravel has been proudly offering enriching business-related travel experiences. Students have the opportunity to investigate how geographic, political, and economic factors affect business operations. Visit a Fortune 500 company or even a local non-profit organization, where students will meet with business leaders and/or inspiring entrepreneurs for Q/A sessions. Students will learn to analyze stocks at the American Museum of Finance, and how the global markets function. Don’t miss your chance to traipse through downtown Manhattan on a walking tour of Wall Street!

Upon completion of the trip, students will get a better understanding of how various forms of information is gathered and used in business decision making. For example, they’ll examine visual merchandising and branding at the World’s Largest Store: Macy’s! Here, students learn the concepts of marketing, sales, distribution and logistics; all the while, examining ethical challenges that international businesses face each and every day. Our Tour Directors will encourage students to reflect on each day’s experiences and prompt them to think about how they can use their new knowledge to make a positive impact back home.

Itinerary Highlights

Our attraction recommendations
  • Social Entrepreneurship Workshop

  • Macy’s Merchandising Tour

  • Gotham Writers Business Workshop

  • United Nations Q/A Session

  • Wall Street Classroom Workshop

  • Amnesty International Visit

  • Visit the Brooklyn Navy Yard

  • Visit and Tour the Salesforce Office
  • Tour of the Rotman School of Business
  • Visit the Redpath Sugar Factory
  • Tour of the Financial District
  • Visit the TSX
  • MaRS Discovery District
  • Attend a public lecture at the Munk School of Global Affairs
  • Silicon Valley visits to corporate headquarters
  • Curated Stanford University Campus Tour

We will also work with you to specifically curate your itinerary to include attractions that are not listed to meet your learning goals and budget.